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All four of the books are now available in both ebook and paperback format. Chasing Sorcery front cover 2015 b thumbnail

The ebooks are available through both Smashwords.com which supports all ebook formats; and through Amazon which is primarily kindle. The Smashwords apps for each book are on the book pages to take you straight there.

Darkening Storm front cover 2015 thumbnail ISBNs are:

  1. Chasing Sorcery: 978-1301468539
  2. The Darkening Storm: 978-1301388820
  3. Summoning Spectres: 978-1301082582
  4. Unleashing the Power: 978-1311537683

Summoning Spectres front cover 2015 thumbnail


The paperbacks are available through Amazon and directly via its self-publishing outlet, Create Space.

ISBNs are:

  1. Chasing Sorcery: 978-1490351421
  2. The Darkening Storm: 978-1490497679
  3. Summoning Spectres: 978-1490499086
  4. Unleashing the Power: 978-1490499154 Unleashing the Power front cover 2015 thumbnail

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