Cast who arrive in the other three books

Cast of the Islands Quartet
Those who appear subsequently in The Darkening Storm, Summoning Spectres, and Unleashing the Power.

Hereman – ealdorman in charge of Freton, the great training camp in south-west Prydein.
Breca – a commander and Hereman’s second-in-command. A very experienced fighter, especially in siege warfare after many years fighting the Attacotti on Kittermere.
Eremon – a captain leading the survivors after the slaughter at Haile.
Piran – ealdorman in charge of Rosco and the youngest of the Prydein ealdormen
Thorold – ealdorman in charge of Vellan in eastern Prydein. A veteran of the wars with the DeÁine and a long-standing friend and confident of Master Hugh’s.
Wulfric – ealdorman at Bera and another veteran leader.
Aeschere – a captain of the Foresters on Prydein. Very capable but because the Prydein Foresters are only a small part of the Knight’s force on this island, he lacks the experience of men like Maelbrigt, or even Elidyr.
Saeric & Nazar – twin brothers and both Foresters under Aeschere’s command.
Instone – a commander and second-in-command at Rosco under Piran.
Colm Ap’brien – an Attacotti clan leader.
Raghnall Friseal – another clan leader.
Tormod Ap’caoig – clan leader.
Greum Caimbeul – clan leader.
Rainer – Grand Master of the Brychan sept, based at Garway.
Warwick – head of the Foresters in Brychan and ealdorman of Laon, deep in the Brychan mountains.
MacSorley – Warwick’s second-in-command at Laon.
Hawise – MacSorley’s daughter and one of the first women to be allowed to join the Foresters, now a captain in charge of one of the women’s companies at Laon.
Anna – Hawise’s second-in-command
Elen – another female captain with the Foresters at Laon. Exceptionally competent and trustworthy.
Nettie – a very bright young female Knight with the Foresters at Laon, mostly working with MacSorley on research into the application of special incantations and devices.

Burgin – an invalided young Knight temporarily in command of Tarah Castle in southern Brychan.
Emlyn- a captain formerly of Penbrook
Iolo – a captain formerly of Kiln

Along the Castles’ Roads:
Jonas – the commander in charge of Merbach Castle
Stefan – the commander in charge of Hirieth Castle
Herrin – the commander in charge of High Cross Castle Allainn – the ealdorman in charge of Blas Castle. The youngest ealdorman ever to hold that office and a personal friend of Berengar’s.
Lackland – one of Allainn’s commanders.
Ellis – another of Allainn’s commanders.
Eoghan – the ealdorman in charge of Wolfscar, the castle closest to the DeÁine and therefore chosen because he’s a steady man who doesn’t jump at shadows but can be trusted to use his initiative.

In the north:
Corin – the ealdorman in charge of Wynlas Castle.
Phineus – the ealdorman in charge at Peruga Castle.
Errol – the ealdorman in charge at Borth Castle, probably the most vulnerable place regarding the DeÁine because there’s little room for other ealdormen to bring up troops to support him.

Scully – a trustworthy young Knight based at Garway but who ends up guarding Cwen with the following men:
Warren – a sergeant
Mutley – a sergeant.
Rolo – an archer.
Brock – an archer.

Heledd – sister to Ben and older sister to Breizh, younger half-sister to Berengar.
Breizh – sister to Heledd and Ben, youngest half-sister to Berengar.
Guthlaf – Knight and mountaineer, leads a lance of similarly trained climbers. His sergeant and man-at-arms die helping Maelbrigt in The Wild Thyme Unseen.
Ianto – Guthlaf’s archer.
Brun – his other archer.
Hrethel – another mountaineer Knight.
Perkin – Hrethel’s sergeant
Connor -man-at-arms
Lorn – archer
Simek – archer
Waeles – another mountaineer Knight
Dynevor – Sgt with Waeles’ lance
Malek – his man-at-arms
Chandos – his archer
Heuglin – his archer
Unferth – Knight
Haethcyn – Knight

Aldred – a veteran Forester Knight, specialist in lore and teaching.
Bosel – a veteran Forester Knight, specialist in assorted weaponry.
Raethun – a young Forester Knight, newly qualified when the Celidon sept was mothballed. Refuse the chance to relocate to Ergardia because he would have had to become an ordinary Knight and leave the Foresters.
Yaroman – a veteran Forester Knight. Eadgar – Maelbrigt’s veteran former sergeant. Loyal and often speaks his mind to Maelbrigt if he thinks other won’t speak up, very knowledgeable about battle wounds and field treatment of them.
Ewan – man-at-arms and a friend of Raethun’s.
Tobias – a young man-at-arms with the potential to become a Knight, quieter than Ewan and Raethun but a friend of theirs nonetheless.
Armstrong – a sergeant-farrier with the Knights, devote to the care of all animals.
Dana – the commander under Brego at Lorne Castle, the heart of the Order. Anywhere else Dana would hold the rank of ealdorman, but because Brego is technically the castellan at Lorne, Dana nominally holds the lower rank but it treated in all other respects as if he were an ealdorman.
Arsaidh – the truly ancient Grand Master of all the Foresters and of the Ergardian sept in particular. Many years ago Arsaidh served with his brother as the joint leaders of Ergardia, but since his brother’s death has focused on making sure the Foresters use all the information they can decipher from the archives of the ancients.
Sionnachan – the vigorous ealdorman who leads the Ergardian Foresters in the field and second-in-command to Arsaidh. The two have a respectful working relationship and compliment one another very well. Sionnachan is an old friend of Maelbrigt’s of many years.
Ulfhart – one of Sionnachan’s captains, young but with a lot of promise. He leads a very experienced lance of Foresters all older than him.
Mace – Ulfhart’s sergeant.
Anson – another of the lance.
McKinley – Forester and mountaineer, and a captain in charge of another lance of experienced men. He’s known Sionnachan since they were in training together.

Ergardian men travelling with Labhran:
Kym – a young Knight. He loses one of his archers in the disastrous wreck off Brychan.
Newt – his man-at-arms.
Busby – his other man-at-arms.
Toby – his surviving archer.
Lorcan – a more experienced Ergardian Knight who loses both of his archers in the wreck.
Evans – his sergeant and a very resourceful character not afraid to use unconventional means to get results!
‘Waza’ – man-at-arms.
Teryl – another young Knight with an experienced lance but with both men-at-arms lost in the wreck.
Cody – his archer.
Trip – his archer.
Regular men of Ergardia left without a lance after the wreck:
Topher – archer.
Mitch – archer.
Colum – archer.
‘Dusty’ – man-at-arms.
Jens – man-at-arms.


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