The Darkening Storm

The Grendal waits off-shore
The Grendal waits off-shore
The route to the Sword's chapel taken by Maelbrigt
The route to the Sword’s chapel taken by Maelbrigt
The site of Labhran & Oliver's wreck
The site of Labhran & Oliver’s wreck

The DeÁine have rediscovered the locations of their ancient Treasures, hidden in the Islands, and this time they won’t let anything stand in their way of getting them back! Their arcane leaders, the Abend, have plots afoot and are manipulating events within their own court and those of the Islands.

Working against them in the heart of the Islands at Lorne Castle in Ergardia, Grand Master Brego is about to send the trusted few out on dangerous quests.

Going west, friends Ruari and Will will be in pursuit of the dangerous war-mage Quintillean who holds Ruari’s young cousins hostage. Can they reach them before Quintillean makes arcane sacrifices of them? Labhran, a former spy within the DeÁine court, with more of their friends will take a second route into enemy territories to attempt to ensnare the mage. Yet unforeseen events are moving fast to overtake them and none could anticipate what lies in wait for them.

For young Queen Alaiz there are trials of a different sort as she guides Talorcan and his men back south to her home island of Kittermere in search of two of the Island’s lost Treasures. Meanwhile her husband, Ivain, is in hiding and needs to lead his people to take back Prydein, but first he needs to learn how to be his own man. Can the Knights help him?

Friends Matti and Kayna are to return east to the political chaos of Rheged in search of a third Island Treasure, finding new dangers closer to home. Who of their old friends are still trustworthy?

Heading north, Maelbrigt must return to active service and leave the woman he loves to journey in the company of his old friend, Sioncaet, to retrieve a fourth Treasure, despite the dangers of lurking DeÁine Hunters. Yet without these ancient weapons the Islanders’ chances of fighting off the DeÁine will be slim at best.

Already Berengar, Cwen and Swein are caught in the turmoil which engulfs Brychan, where King Edward’s insane actions are blinding others to the impending danger. Who is friend and who foe in an Island falling into chaos? Can they unite Brychan, or will the DeÁine make their first conquest?

With winter coming on hard all will find their courage and endurance tested to the limit, but no-one can fail without dire consequences!

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